A Loving Family

John Nichols is certainly a genius in his field. He has been blessed with a gift. . .a gift that has also blessed my husband, John, and I with 2 beautiful and healthy children. Anna is almost 4 and Jake is now 6 1/2  months old. But I would like to take a moment to introduce you to John Nichols. . .not just the Doctor - but the man.
Our journey with John Nichols and his outstanding staff began in the Summer of 2001. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for well over a year. We know what it is like to fear that you will never have children of your own. Dr. Nichols gave us so much confidence, and he and his staff mentally and emotionally held our hands throughout our entire experience. We knew just after our first meeting with him that we were in the right hands and on the right track.

We began with the usual Clomid dosages and after a few months decided to proceed with an IUI procedure. . .9 months later on July 31, 2002. . .Anna was born. We so enjoyed the year after her birth. . .it was nice to have a break from all of our infertility issues and anxieties.
When Anna turned 1, we immediately began trying to get pregnant again, knowing that it may take some time. After 6 months on our own, we went back to Dr. Nichols hoping to have another child.  We again did IUI, but unlike the first time we were unsuccessful. We ultimately did IUI 4 times and in November of 2004 we signed on for In Vitro Fertilization which took place in February of 2005. Although the drugs are hard on your system and certainly your emotional state . . .we knew it was necessary and trusted Dr. Nichols explicitly. The procedure was flawless and meticulous. . .and the staff made it such a calming experience. On March 10th, I received a call after my blood test. . .and there on the speaker phone were all of the women in the office screaming and yelling with joy that I was pregnant. 
My point in sharing all of this with you is that you will succeed with John Nichols one way or the other. Sometimes. . . it just takes time. We never lost faith in him nor him in us. He gave us the confidence and the courage to do what we needed to do, and we always trusted in him. . .it was hard not to. We have never been involved with such a fabulous staff of caring and professional people. . .and have certainly never encountered a more nurturing, calming and trustworthy Doctor as John Nichols …which is exactly what we are all so desperate for in the depths of infertility. His willingness also to be so open minded allows his patients the option of acupuncture with Shaun Jacobs (whom I have been friends with for a number of years.) He is indeed a genius in his field…but he is truly a man whose gifts have many aspects.
I am pleased, honored and so excited to introduce to you all tonight…my doctor, my hero and my friend….Dr. John Nichols.