Alternative Family Building

PREG believes EVERYONE deserves the chance to have a family and we support every patient, or couple trying to achieve their dreams regardless of race, gender, ethnicity and sexual identity.

At PREG we value families and life. Itís why we welcome the LGBTQ community, heterosexual couples and everyone else who wants to have a family. Through our extensive and comprehensive reproductive services, a baby is born nearly every day!

Our compassionate approach focuses on possibilities while providing clients with exceptional medical professionals who have a proven track record of helping people develop a solid plan for having a baby. We understand how much courage and strength it takes to make this commitment and we treat every patient with a personalized treatment plan that considers their unique medical history, age, current labs and health, and personal desires. Our medical staff works as a team to produce personalized plans encompassing all of this information and more for the patient.

At PREG you are valued the moment you walk in the door! As the leading infertility service provider in the nation we continuously strive to provide the latest innovation and medical advances in fertility treatment options. Whether you are considering donor IUI, reciprocal IVF, Simply IVF or you need a gestational carrier and donor egg IVF, we are here to provide the comprehensive help you and your partner deserve.

As a private clinic PREG offers pricing and financing options that other clinics cannot. Our financial counselors can help maximize your financial resources and insurance benefits. Many insurance companies cover some, if not all, of the costs of infertility treatments and medications. Let us help you find the resources to pursue your dream of having a family!

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