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Dear Infertile Me

Life has been pretty good for you. You have been blessed with a great family, always made good grades in school, married your high school sweetheart, and got your dream job as a kindergarten teacher. You have been pretty spoiled with getting the things you want in life…..and now you are ready for that next [...]

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Unwanted Infertility Advice

Everyone loves giving their opinion and advice. Be it sports, food, cars, partners, religion…someone will give an opinion of said topic and try to get others to heed their advice. But if there’s one thing nobody needs to be giving advice on, it would be infertility and the problems surrounding it. The statistics are blatant: [...]

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Guest Post by Greg Wolf: ‘Making Love to a Plastic Cup’

Father’s Day – a day that means quite a lot to us guys: breakfast in bed, a spike in the sales of Old Spice gift sets and neckties with little ducks playing golf on them (so cute!).  But for many of us, especially those of us who are, oh, how to put it…spermally challenged?  Well, [...]

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Sex: When too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing.

This may be hard to believe, but too much sex is not always a good thing! One would think that couples should  have sex as much as possible get pregnant, right? Well, sex every day is not the answer, and all that fun may be hurting your chances of conceiving. So much of the dialogue in infertility [...]

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Tubal Reversal or IVF?

A 38-year old patient asked PREG the following question: “Would you recommend a tubal reversal, or should I proceed directly to IVF?” Our expert embryologist, Heather Collins, replies: “At 38 years old I would recommend moving straight to IVF for numerous reasons.  By definition, a tubal ligation is designed to damage or “tie” the tube [...]

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