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Infertility… It’s more than a woman thing.

Infertility affects one in eight couples! While fertility issues are thought to be more closely related to women due to multiple possibilities including irregular menstrual cycles, ovulation disorders, egg quality and quantity issues and problems with the fallopian tubes, we can’t overlook the possibility that about one third to one half of infertility problems are [...]

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Fertility Services Are Becoming the Hottest, New Employee Benefit. Here’s Why – By: Michal Lev-Ram

Over the last few decades, companies have developed many different tools to help women prevent pregnancies. But there hasn’t been nearly as much innovation—and investment—in technologies that help women get pregnant. That’s starting to change. On Wednesday at Fortune’s fourth annual Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego, a trio of entrepreneurs shared the ways in [...]

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The Silent Struggle of Female Physicians – by: Melissa Parsons, MD

My fertility journey is not typical. I have not spent years “trying”. In fact, I have spent years trying NOT to get pregnant! My husband has two daughters – AND a vasectomy. So getting pregnant was a known challenge. Luckily, I like challenges. We went to an infertility specialist, who told us that reversal was [...]

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Weight Fertiity

Kate’s Chances of Success with IVF We’ve all become fans of the hit TV show This Is Us and follow them religiously each week. On last week’s episode Kate started IVF treatments after suffering a miscarriage and struggling to get pregnant again. As we saw the doctor was extremely concerned about her weight to the [...]

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What else can I be doing to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

One of the most common questions patients ask us is, “What else can I be doing to improve my chances of getting pregnant?” Keep in mind, this question is coming from a patient population who are taking fertility medications, giving themselves injections, having their blood drawn, undergoing vaginal ultrasound exams, enduring uncomfortable medical procedures and [...]

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