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Prenatal Self-Care

Prenatal care is the health care that you receive throughout your pregnancy. It is important to see your OBGYN regularly throughout the pregnancy. However, there are several lifestyle habits that you can adopt to promote a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal self-care is a big part of prenatal care. Self-care involves the care that you can do [...]

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50 Small Steps Parts 6 & 7

26. Start exercise slowly and build up to 30-60 minutes 3-5 times per week (check with your MD first!) Ok, so in our last post we said to incorporate additional movement into your day…and like we said before, you can do that with some easy things like parking as far from the door as possible [...]

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50 Small Steps

In our first PCOS meeting last month Carolyn (our fabulous Nurse Practitioner!) shared “50 Small Steps” that we can take to lose weight (if you need to) and to just be healthier in general.  These steps are great for anyone trying to conceive (healthy body=increased fertility), struggling with PCOS, or just wanting a healthier lifestyle.  [...]

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