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HEY! from Greenville, SC!

Hey from Greenville, SC! We have a heart for children and those who struggle with infertility, and going though foster care and adoption process. Want to spread the message of hope and awareness to those going through that process. We discuss infertility and foster care in detail because we believe nobody should do this along. [...]

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Chrissy Teigen Is So Over People Questioning Her Uterus

By Cavan Sieczkowski – View full Huffington Post article Chrissy Teigen is open about the difficulty of trying to conceive, but some people still don’t get it. Teigen has been candid about her journey undergoing in vitro fertilization and the emotional toll that process took on her while trying to get pregnant with daughter Luna, [...]

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Designer Babies or Healthy, Loving Families? By Carolyn Keating, Nurse Practitioner

A number of years ago, a couple came into the fertility practice where I worked. They were not infertile and in fact had quite easily conceived a beautiful baby girl. This child was born perfect in every way except one- she carried a lethal genetic defect that began to show symptoms when she was about [...]

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From His Side (a guest blog by a counselor who has faced the trials of infertility)

I often find myself looking back to my youth and thinking of what my ideal vision of my future looked like. College, a great job, wife, kids and that nice house with a picket fence. Visions of kids playing in the yard, soccer games and those glorious cookouts with neighbors and friends. Grandma and Grandpa [...]

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A Patient’s Journey With Recurrent Miscarriage

Four years ago, God blessed my husband, JJ, and I with the most precious gift of a baby boy, Bryce. We conceived quickly and were thankful for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Everything seemed just perfect. Little did we know that the next few years would be full of heartache, pain, and hopelessness as God [...]

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