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A Couples Reproductive Journey – Her Story

When I became a new bride and wife, I dreamed about the life that lay ahead for my husband and I and all of our grand plans. Infertility was an issue I never dreamed would come in the way of our happily ever after. Now, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I know this [...]

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A Couples Reproductive Journey – His Story

When I was younger and in my 20’s, there was a whole host of life’s problems and complications that I never dreamt I’d encounter. Life insurance, portion control, and the importance of a tidy car interior are examples that immediately come to mind. The example that stands above all others for me is the complication [...]

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Fertility Services Are Becoming the Hottest, New Employee Benefit. Here’s Why – By: Michal Lev-Ram

Over the last few decades, companies have developed many different tools to help women prevent pregnancies. But there hasn’t been nearly as much innovation—and investment—in technologies that help women get pregnant. That’s starting to change. On Wednesday at Fortune’s fourth annual Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego, a trio of entrepreneurs shared the ways in [...]

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The Silent Struggle of Female Physicians – by: Melissa Parsons, MD

My fertility journey is not typical. I have not spent years “trying”. In fact, I have spent years trying NOT to get pregnant! My husband has two daughters – AND a vasectomy. So getting pregnant was a known challenge. Luckily, I like challenges. We went to an infertility specialist, who told us that reversal was [...]

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What role does the financial staff play when it comes to patient care?

Financial Counselors at PREG are more than just staff members who speak to patients about financial options. They’re also great listeners! They understand the physical, emotional, and financial stress infertility causes our patients, and some have even gone through treatment themselves. Our Financial Counselors are very engaged in our patients’ plan of care. When a [...]

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