What role does the financial staff play when it comes to patient care?


Financial Counselors at PREG are more than just staff members who speak to patients about
financial options. They’re also great listeners! They understand the physical, emotional, and
financial stress infertility causes our patients, and some have even gone through treatment

Our Financial Counselors are very engaged in our patients’ plan of care. When a new patient
calls to schedule an appointment, our front office staff acquires as much information as
possible from the caller. Typically, we ask each patient the reason for visiting our office, referral
base, and health insurance information. This information not only helps the doctors understand
why the patient is seeking treatment, but it also helps the Financial Counselors prepare to
speak with the patient about their financial options and obligations.

At your initial consultation with the doctor, a member from our financial team will also meet
with you. The Financial Counselor will explain, in detail, what benefits are available to you
through your health insurance plan. They will also provide you with financing options and
assistance programs through third-party vendors to help with your financial obligations
throughout your treatment here at PREG.

PREG also has Patient Account Specialists who work very diligently to verify benefits, obtain
prior authorizations, and process insurance claims to ensure payments are received in a timely
manner. They work closely with the financial counselors to make sure claims are coded and
processed correctly.

Our Financial Counselors are compassionate, understanding, and dedicated to help you on your
journey to becoming a parent! We take pride in making sure our patients receive the best care

-Sabrina Harris, Supervisor

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