Every Story is Different

Every story is different, but the goal is the same. Last year, I married my best friend, a man I had know for nearly 20 years. I have two daughters from a previous relationship and my husband, though a wonderful father to my girls, had no biological children. About 12 years ago, I had a tubal after my youngest daughter was born. We were eager to have a child together although I wasn't able to obtain my medical records. We visited PREG near the end of last year to find out our options. We learned that because of my tubal our insurance wouldn't cover anything, and even though we had set aside some funds, it really just wasn't enough. We were devastated.

That's when we found out about the Simply IVF procedure. After learning a few details and the price, we were on board. The procedure was new to this area, but we were more than ready to give it a try. We started our cycle at the end of February. To be honest it was terrifying knowing that I had to give myself injections. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions. The Nurses at PREG were great though, I sent numerous emails and made several phone calls. We made it to retrieval day, after having to extend my medication a little longer than originally thought. We were very nervous, but excited!

Dr Payne was able to retrieve only 3 eggs and placed them in the INVOCELL device. With a hope and a prayer we waited 5 days and went back in for our transfer. Those 5 days I prayed and prayed that everything was working. It did! We got 3 embryos and Dr Nichols transferred one!! Then there was the two week wait!! I should have bought stock in pregnancy tests because I took way too many!! Matt actually banned me from buying more. THE day came though, the day I got to go in to have my HCG levels checked! We were pregnant!! Subsequent tests kept climbing! Then, we had our first ultrasound! I cried! Our little jellybean! We are beyond blessed! I am currently 3 months pregnant thanks to PREG. I never thought I would have another child. I never thought Matt and I would have this opportunity. Though it was a terrifying process, it was very exciting!