Forever Grateful

My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years. We had our first miscarriage a year after we were married. We went through three more years of disappointments. In summer of 2007 I found a medical group in Charlotte that specialized in fertility issues. We visited the medical clinic and were unsuccessful, after a few treatments. We realized we were only a number to them. In the fall of 2007 PREG moved into North Grove Medical Park (where I work). I first made contact with their manager, Faith Ripley. She encouraged me to come in for a consultation with one of their physicians. My husband and I met with Dr. John Nichols for our initial consultation. He immediately put us at ease and we felt confident we would be successful. After a series of labs and ultrasounds, we moved on to IVF. The staff and physicians were amazing throughout the entire process. Every step of the way, we had full faith and confidence in them. The financial piece of IVF can be somewhat daunting, but the staff was so helpful in offering financial options. The clinical staff was compassionate and sincere throughout the medical procedures. We were lucky enough to also meet Dr. John Payne during our process. Dr. Payne projects a warm and genuine manner when dealing with this delicate subject. Ten months after meeting with Dr. Nichols, my husband and I found out we were pregnant -- the day after my 35th birthday. In April 2009, we welcomed our daughter to our family. We are truly blessed with this little girl. At 6 months old, we can already see her personality forming. Not a day goes by, we don't think of the Physicians & Staff of PREG and what they did for us. We are forever grateful!