God's Timing Is Perfect

I am 1 in 8. My husband and I got married in June of 2012 and we originally were going to wait a year to try to get pregnant but after talking for a few weeks and the fact that we were already in our 30ís we decided in August of 2012 that I would stop my birth control. In Feb of 2013 I had my annual check up with my gyn and mentioned that weíd been trying with no success. She decided to do some blood work and I was diagnosed with PCOS. She suggested clomid and ovulation kits and blood work on certain days of my cycle. I ovulated once on clomid in 6 months and it was a very weak ovulation. That fall we took a couple months off from trying as I was starting a new job. In December of 2013 I asked to be referred to PREG. I had my first appointment on Dec 30th. In February of 2014 I had an HSG done and all the preliminary blood work. Turns out I donít ovulate at all and my husbandís sperm count was normal the morphology was low. So we did some more clomid with no success. That summer my husband lost his job and I had some major medical issues arise and we ended up having to take about 8 months off from trying while I recovered. In April of 2015 we were ready to start again. I had another consult at PREG and this time we decided to try femara. Low and behold I was ovulating. No success the first round. In June of 2015 we did an IUI and it was unsuccessful. In July of 2015 we added the trigger shot with the femara and on August 9th I finally saw the two lines. I was pregnant. I love to tell my story because to me it shows that God is still in the miracle making business. The month I got pregnant everything that could have gone wrong did. I dropped one of my pills at a concert we were attending, they thought they saw a polyp on an ultrasound and was told it would have to be removed before we could try again if I didnít get pregnant that cycle and all of the mature follicles were on the wrong side. Godís timing is perfect. If youíre 1 and 8 and still waiting your time is coming. Donít give up hope like I almost did.