I Can Never Thank Y'all Enough

Love these 3 "beautiful friends" and the WHOLE, ENTIRE Greenville, SC staff. I visited and saw them more than my family members and very closest friends for a period of YEARSsssssss!!!!! I knew visit after visit, if anyone in the whole world knew how a family really feels that wants a baby so badly to love, it's all these precious employees at Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group (PREG)! I can never thank y'all enough for helping us through one of the toughest journeys in our lives. May each of you be richly blessed in your professional and everyday lives. And a most special shout out to the baby's "Godmother Jackie" who prayed with us and for us....I'M GONNA BE A NANA and you absolutely know I CAN NOT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Debbie C.