I Can't Recommend PREG Enough

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was today, watching Dr. John Payne hold my 6-week-old twins. We first started working with Dr. Payne about 6 years ago, continuing the fertility-treatment-journey we’d started 2.5 years prior in Ohio. Dr. Payne hit the ground running, refusing to re-do things that we knew hadn’t worked at our old doctor’s office. He and Lindsey Polowczuk (center) were there for us through a battery of tests, three failed rounds of intrauterine insemination, an egg retrieval surgery, one failed round of in-vitro fertilization, a cervical scrape and a cervical stitch, and finally our successful second round of in-vitro fertilization. Through every setback, their belief in us and in the process never wavered. Every person in the @pregonline Greenville office always believed in us. Every day that I had blood work, the phlebotomist prayed with me. Every time I got nervous about the finances, the financial specialist found a way to help us through the minutia. Even the embryologists and anesthesiologists were incredibly kind. They made me feel like the only patient in the world—holding my hand and talking me through things. Whether it was Dr. Payne or Dr. Nichols, we always felt like we were in the best hands. We were embraced with such love, especially after we found out we were pregnant. I can’t recommend PREG enough. It was so joyous to be back there today, greeted by the same smiling faces, ready with a hug and a heartfelt “congratulations”. ️ They’ve become our family!