I Can't Say Thank You Enough

We started coming to PREG Asheville last year in hopes of finally getting our little miracle baby after trying for almost 4 years. After trying one round of IUI we decided to jump right into IVF. We were nervous, anxious, scared and excited at the same time to get this journey started. Iím not going to lie, going through IVF is HARD...physically and emotionally. After my egg retrieval we only had 2 embryos out of 15 that matured and were able to be sent off for genetic testing. I got the call after several days saying only one embryo was normal and ready to be frozen. I was discouraged but very thankful at the same time. I just sat and cried after getting that phone call and hearing that I had a normal little embryo BOY waiting for me! All it takes is one and Iím so very blessed for all the nurses and doctors at PREG. Without you guys, I wouldnít be holding my sweet little baby boy in my arms. I canít say thank you enough!