I Was Finally Pregnant!

My husband and I started trying for a baby in October 2016. After six months I went to my OBGYN and explained my irregular cycles. We tried 3 rounds of Clomid. One of those rounds resulted in an early miscarriage. After 3 failed rounds we were referred to PREG. Once I was diagnosed with PCOS we began trying femara and a trigger shot. Out of 6 cycles, one lead to a chemical pregnancy. Finally in September 2018 we did IVF and had our egg retrieval. November 2018 we did our first FET and it was not successful. After another test, lining scratch we moved forward with our next FET. That was January 24,2019. On February 5, 2019 I got the call that it worked and I was finally pregnant!! Fast forward to now and we are 12 weeks pregnant and so in love with our sweet baby. The shots, tears and trials were worth it all.

-Meghan D.