In Honor of Infertility Week

In honor of infertility week! Years of praying and many tears shed have brought us to this moment. We are finally entering into the 3rd trimester and I honestly couldn't be more happy and blessed with the joys of being pregnant. For those struggling with infertility, don't lose hope or faith. If we have learned anything from this journey it's that whether you are 20 or 50, 100 pounds or 350 pounds It doesn't matter because infertility doesn't discriminate based on age or size, Male or female. You sit and wonder- why me? Why us? But the truth is sometimes we have to ask for help and sometimes we have to depend on science to help us achieve that dream of being parents. I am a firm believer that God chose this path for us to make us appreciate this miracle more and so that not one day of this pregnancy will be taken for granted. I know the struggle of wanting to lose faith and wanting to give up, but I also know the power of LOVE and support of family and friends and the GRACE OF GOD and that is worth so much more. Don't be ashamed to reach out and ask questions because it's not your fault. You don't have to do this alone. Infertility sucks but the happiness you receive when you beat it is unimaginable!