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Comparing Traditional IVF to Simply IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most popular forms of assisted reproductive technology, and our office is now offering a more affordable IVF treatment that uses a medical device called INVOcell. When comparing traditional IVF vs. INVO treatments using INVOcell, we have found that INVO offers patients the same high success rates at a fraction of the cost, with fewer doctor visits. If you have been considering fertility treatment and would like to learn more about the benefits offered by Simply IVF, please contact us today!
The Traditional IVF Procedure
In traditional IVF treatments, the female patient starts taking fertility drugs to increase the number of eggs that are released at ovulation; the dosage may be adjusted throughout the course of treatment. During this phase of treatment, the patient will need to attend several doctor appointments for monitoring, blood work, and ultrasounds.
When it is time to trigger ovulation, the female patient will be given medication designed to stimulate final maturation and release of the eggs. Timing is critical because the eggs must be retrieved just prior to ovulation. Approximately 36 hours after the trigger medication has been administered, the eggs will be retrieved and prepared for the fertilization process.
The fertilization process occurs in the laboratory where an embryologist mixes healthy sperm and eggs and places them in an incubator. Over the next five days, the incubators and developing embryos are monitored. When the embryos are ready, the transfer procedure is performed to place the embryos in the uterus.
The Simply IVF Advantage
The patient's health, age, and weight determines her dosage of medication, and no adjustments are made during treatment. This reduces the amount of medications needed, as well as the costs associated with them.
Unlike traditional IVF, which requires several sonograms and monitoring appointments, the simplified system we use relies on minimal blood work and a single sonogram taken on the 10th day of the cycle. This sonogram will determine the patient's trigger day and when the retrieval will take place.
Once the eggs are harvested, we are able to bypass the need for expensive lab work with a new device called an INVOcell. The healthy sperm and eggs are put inside the INVOcell, and the cylinder is placed inside the patient's vagina. This "natural incubator" provides the appropriate conditions for the developing embryo over the next five days. When the embryos have reached the proper stage, they will be transferred from the INVOcell device to the uterus.
By eliminating the need for expensive lab work, incubators, monitoring personnel, doctor's appointments, diagnostic imaging, and medications, we are able to offer IVF treatments to our patients at a significantly reduced cost in terms of time and money, while still maintaining the excellent success rates associated with traditional IVF.
For more information, call us today at 864-232-7734!

FREE Fertility Seminar
July 13, 2017
PREG invites you to attend a free seminar presented by, Dr. Travis McCoy!
This event will be conveniently located at:

1 Hospital Drive
Clasroom 5205 (5th Floor)
Asheville, NC 28801
                                         Light refreshments will be served,
                                    and each woman attending will receive a
 $250 gift certificate for PREG services!
(May not be used for services billed to insurance, past due balances or medication)

            To register, call us at 828-210-8284 or email jmedley@pregonline.com.
You may also register on our website at: www.pregonline.com
We look forward to seeing you there!
*We will have a seminar every month, so stay tuned to a seminar that will be coming to your area soon!
June Contest at PREG!
"Why My Husband or Partner Would Make A Great Father"

In honor of Father's Day we are asking you to send us a video message or write us letting us know why your husband or partner would make a great father. Explain your struggle to have a family and tell us about the characteristics he carries that would make him the best dad in the world! 
Please private message these videos to us on Facebook or email them to jmedley@pregonline.com.
The winner will with the most "likes" will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to the restaurant of your choice, compliments of PREG!
We will announce a winner the day after Father's Day on June 19th!
We look forward to seeing your heartwarming video testimonies and messages!