Keep Praying and Press On

In honor of infertility awareness week I just wanted to share our story. We had 4 long brutal years of disappointment one after another. I have severe PCOS and we tried everything, one miscarriage along the way. All other Drs gave up on us. We met Dr Nichols at the Greenville office and he didnít give up on us! I had countless injections and procedures during our 4 years. At the last minute of the last procedure before a referral to an adoption center, we saw a tiny glimmer of hope , I actually, for the first time, had 3 follicles! With any luck one would form, right??? With many, many prayers GOD had bigger plans....all 3 did and after an IUI 2 weeks later- surprise!! Finally a positive pregnancy test after 100s of negatives. Then two weeks later on ultrasound not 1 baby not 2 but 3 beautiful, perfect beating hearts. God truly blessed us! My 3 beautiful miracle girls are now 11 years old and the biggest blessings! So donít give up on your dreams to become parents. Keep praying and press on!!