Michael's Story

I completely loved being a nurse, and I enjoy my work as a physician, too. Still, none of my professional experience prepared me for our fertility struggle. I chose to adopt denial, and I conveniently forget everything I ever knew about premature ovarian failure. I kept saying that surely I would be pregnant by Christmas, but this was not based on anything that made sense. The physician and staff at PREG were phenomenal! Even when I was abrupt and/or over-the-top emotional, they were kind, supportive and highly professional.

I love the warmth and privacy of the office. It is discretely located and elegant, too. I was so stressed, I didn't want to run into my patients, acquaintances or anybody else while hurrying in for treatment, lab work. . .

One autumn afternoon, the doctor told me gently but clearly that I may not be able to conceive after all. I wasn't responding to treatment, and I probably did not have enough eggs to even consider IVF. He also said that he would do the best he could for us. I'll never forget how the nurses supported me emotionally and physically until I could finally drive myself home on that awful day. Even if I had not become pregnant, I would have been okay because the entire staff reminded me over and over that I shouldn’t question the choices I made earlier and that I am special, regardless of my ovulatory status.

The truth is, Dr. Nichols and his team uniquely combine cutting edge science with faith to produce incredible outcomes. Understand that Dr. Nichols trained in the top medical centers in the world. Nevertheless, he is appropriately confident but remarkably humble.

Miraculously, I became pregnant before Christmas after all! I don't brag usually, but Nathan and I are the proud parents of two delightful, beautiful (eligible for Mensa!) children. Once you realize you have a fertility problem, there is no time to waste. My informed opinion is that PREG is the only real option for couples who want the best possible chance of having fertility success!!!