My First Actual Positive!

I wanted to share our story for National Infertility Awareness Month. My husband and I began not trying, but not preventing pregnancy back in 2010/2011. We were young, 18 and 19, but we knew we wanted a baby eventually. At 22 and 23, we were informed after two false positive pregnancy tests that I was not going to be able to get pregnant as I suffer from anovulation as well as a (comparatively) mild case of PCOS. Once we took Clomid to assist with ovulation, I still didn't get pregnant. We ended up having my husband's sperm count tested and as it turned out, he had a 0 sperm count. There were no living or dead, just a lack of. After long waits and lots of testing, he was diagnosed with CBAVD, meaning he had been born without his vas defrens. His sperm, thankfully healthy inside the testicles, are not able to get out. Through a removal procedure and subsequent medications, he had 6 vials of sperm removed and I had 17 eggs retrieved, four of which turned into viable embryos. We/ got to watch Dr. Payne put two embryos in on January 7th, 2016 and on the 12th, I saw my first actual positive! We had twins but lost one about 8.5 weeks in, though we had a great success having one baby on our first go. Our Maverick is just over 2 1/2 now and we would love to give him a sibling once we can finance a FET! We don't know how to thank PREG, Dr. Payne, and the entire staff for helping us reach our dream!

-Jessica C.