No Perfect Words

No Perfect Words to Express our Gratitude

Dr. Nichols, Dr. Payne, and all of the ladies at PREG,

I've had a few weeks to think of the perfect words to say and yet every time I feel as if I fall short in finding the right ones to say thank you. The journey of infertility is never an easy one, and yet you all have created a safe home for us, one that is bittersweet to leave. I'm still at a loss of words in how to thank you for this precious gift that we cherish more than you will ever know. A chance to not only bring one, but two lives into this world means so much to us and our families. We appreciate the care, the compassion, the dedication, and above all the love you have shared with us. Without you we would not know the joy we experience today. If ever I can share my story to help give others hope, please let me know. I only wish for everyone's dreams to come true! So I guess in the end there are no perfect words, but know deep in our hearts our gratitude for everyone at PREG is endless!

With greatest thanks and much love,

BH and GH