November Newsletter

As the Holidays approach, we are celebrating our blessings! We at PREG are so very grateful for you and your PREG Miracles! 


"Growing baby at a time."

What are you thankful for this Season?




Lifting up one another when we all need it most!



Hear what our patients are saying!! #thankfulproject

Alison Jones Montgomery - 5 Stars!!

"I absolutely LOVE PREG!! We have 2 miracles, thanks to God and the awesome doctors at PREG.  Our first miracle just turned 4, and our second miracle just turned 10 months old.  I felt comfortable from the moment I stepped into their offices in November 2008.  Dr. Nichols listened to my story and was able to diagnose me quickly...He made me feel so confident that I would get pregnant, and within 4 months, I was!! When we decided to try for a second child, we called also only took about four months to get pregnant.  We love Dr. Nichols and Dr. Payne!  Not only are their doctors amazing, but the entire staff is phenomenal! I believe that we were meant to go to PREG...WE ARE SO BLESSED AND FOREVER GRATEFUL!


We are "Over the Rainbow" with gratitude for you and your miracles this season!


We invite you to see our moving tribute to you, our patients, this Thanksgiving!

 Click Right Here to lift your spirits and brighten your day!

If you are thinking of beginning your own journey for a PREG Miracle, please contact us now!  We promise to be with you every step of the way towards your own #thankful project! us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter





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