Our Hearts are so Beyond Full!

Our preg miracles are these bottom two- the top one came as an "all natural" surprise! Our story started out a lot like most patients that come through your doors. As a newly married couple, my husband and I decided we were ready to be parents... but month after month, no baby came. We did get pregnant on our own, in 2009 and our hearts were broken 20 weeks into our pregnancy when we lost him. It was just over 4 years from the time we decided to be parents, when we finally held our babies in our arms. Our twins were 1 when we found out we were pregnant again... this time all on our own!!! We didn't even know what to do at first... so we called PREG and they let us come in for our blood test. What a blessing to share that miracle with y'all! God has an amazing sense of humor! 4 years of praying for a baby and just a short time later, our hearts are so beyond full! Thank you so much Dr. Nichols and everyone at PREG for helping us have a family!