PREG is the best decision we've ever made!

Our sweet rainbow baby is almost 8 months old now. PCOS did not stop her! We tried to conceive with 2 different OBGYN offices and 1 other fertility specialist before we came into PREG. Best decision we ever made! The very first visit I knew PREG is where we were meant to be in order to reach our goal. Dr. Nichols actually listened to my concerns and took them seriously. He checked for signs of PCOS and did the necessary bloodwork. I have moderate PCOS. I had inquired about PCOS and even endometriosis with each of the other OBs and specialist I visited. None of them took me seriously. After 1 visit at PREG my medications were switched in order to help me get pregnant with my PCOS. 2 months later, literally a week before we were going to go in and talk more seriously about IUI we found out we were pregnant!!! Thank you so very much PREG for listening and helping us become parents! Crystal B.