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Dr. John F. Payne interviews with Fertility Authority about choosing your fertility clinic and the questions you should ask to get an accurate consensus of their IVF success rates.  To get the most accurate idea of a fertility clinic's success, Dr. Payne suggests asking...Click on the link below to get the full interview. 

Dr. John E. Nichols talks about "What is PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)?" Click on this link to find out more:

Published just recently is an article Dr. John F. Payne wrote in regards to "Raising your awareness- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)."

Here is the link to Dr. Payne's article:

After reviewing many medical association and medical information web sites, we have assembled a "quick list" of interesting links to these web sites. Please use these links as an additional resource to learn more information about infertility and endocrinology. These sites are presented as an informational resource only for your convenience.

American Society of Reproductive Medicine

  • ASRM Patient Resources
    (FAQ, Patient Fact Sheets and Information Booklets, etc.)
    The patient fact sheets and Information booklets are very helpful for specific conditions. Individual links for the different topics are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • ASRM Patient Website
  • Find exciting news for wounded veterans, just released by ASRM

          Key Senate Committee Approves IVF for Wounded Veterans.


National IVF Statistics

Dr. Nichols' personalized infertility information site

Additional Resources

For Medications:

With EMD Serono's new GO-Direct To Savings program, the more medication needed throughout a patient's treatment, the more they will save. For more information about this program, or to get your Go Direct To Savings enrollment card, please speak with your PREG Fertility Nurse.

For eligible patients with insurance, Gonal-f Cares has conceived a new way to save money by reducing our-of-pocket costs with the Gonal-f co-Pay Saving Card.  Now patients can save up to $200 per prescription every 21 days for Gonal-f medications.  For more information about this program, or to get your Co-Pay Savings enrollment card, please visit

For Financing: see our financing options

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The ASRM Patient Fact Sheet is a series produced under the direction of the ASRM Patient Education Committee and the Publications Committee. These fact sheets may be printed and distributed to patients to enhance patient education as long as the text is not altered and proper credit must be attributed to ASRM.  These Patient Education Fact Sheets are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 

The ASRM is committed to providing patient information on a wide range of topics. Patient materials are developed by the ASRM Patient Education Committee, and this committee is unable to respond to individual questions. We encourage you to review all of our information on the Web site and consult your physician if you still have questions.