The Simply IVF Method

Throughout history, many breakthroughs in fertility have come to light. Our newest development is Simply IVF. It's a simple, yet personal, approach to the journey of parenthood. Simply IVF is a tremendous advancement in treatment with multiple benefits to patients. This treatment allows our fertility specialists to offer In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) at almost half the cost as the traditional IVF path. The process itself promotes a beautiful involvement between couples in the treatment and process of conception. Not to mention this can cause more of a natural and stable environment than traditional IVF. Our desire is for Simply IVF to be more convenient, affordable, and personal as we travel the path of parenthood with you.

The INVO Solution

This innovative new device now eliminates the need for the laboratory. Instead of incubating an embryo in a sterile environment, the embryo can now grow where it was intended: inside the mother's body. This experience creates a personal approach to life itself as couples walk together in the development of their child.

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A Simpler Way to Life

The procedure of INVO is a simpler technique. Over all, the woman's body becomes the laboratory which creates a natural process of fertilization. Couples who have participated in INVO procedures have found this treatment to be more directly involved.

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The Advantages of IVF

For those strained with infertility, treatment can be difficult and expensive. But with Simply IVF, the INVO procedure is safe, effective, and affordable. Simply IVF offers an accessible and economical solution to infertility.

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. John Nichols

Dr. John Nichols, Founder & Medical and Lab Director of PREG, has devoted his career on the forefront of Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART) and medical treatments to provide patients the opportunity of having a family. He established PREG in 2003 with the vision to offer patients individualized attention without institutional constraints, and provide them the same care he would expect for his own family. His expertise and compassion are the cornerstones of our practice and the reason PREG has grown so rapidly. Dr. Nichols is known by his patients as "A physician that will go the extra mile and do everything possible to help you have the family your heart desires."

Dr. Nichols has been a sounding board to his patients' concerns and has always found it unfortunate that for many couples struggling with infertility, access to treatment is often not available. Financial challenges, limited availability of specialized medical care, and even religious, social & cultural roadblocks can prevent these hopeful couples from growing their families. Dr. Nichols and his fellow PREG physicians have worked tirelessly to provide the INVO Cell Procedure as another building option for their patients and are proud to now offer Simply IVF. With Simply IVF, more and more patients can now receive safe, effective and affordable infertility treatment.

INVO is a new procedure, recognized by the American Society of Reproductive Technologies (ASRM) and is considered a variation of IVF. This simpler more natural cycle reduces the cost of fertility treatments by approximately 50% compared to traditional IVF.