"We Are Expecting!"

February 2018

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with PREG. We drove from Atlanta for every appointment (5 hours roundtrip) because . . .

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"A True Miracle"

January 2018

"Arrived on 1/28/18 at 8:17pm! He came very quickly, labor was only 4 hours. He weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces. . .

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"Never In Our Wildest Dreams"

Nona - January 2018

"The pain that you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming! Thomas and I are BLESSED to announce. . .

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"A Joy Like No Other"

Jeaselie - January 2018

"Our PREG Miracle is 4 months old. We are thankful for Dr Payne and the Greenville staff for everything! Our lives. . .

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"Our Precious PREG Miracles"

Leslie - January 2018

"How do you thank someone for giving you a gift as precious as a child? Words cannot express how grateful. . .

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"I Finally Have My Angel Baby"

Randi G. - January 2018

"I owe so much to these people. After years of infertility, I finally have my angel baby born January 5th of this year. . .

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"Love Is Powerful"

Mireille R. - January 2018

"My Miracle with help from the best! She brightens my life as she grows every day. Love is powerful. . .

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"Two PREG Miracles!"

Misty W. - January 2018

"Yesterday, we welcomed our two PREG Miracles! Thank you for making dreams come true! I have told. . .

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"Excited as I Prepare for Simply IVF"

Tyeisha - January 2018

"After going from clinic to clinic where I only heard bad news and options that I would not settle for, I was running low on hope. Then I found PREG. . .

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"9 Weeks Pregnant!"

Amiguita R. - January 2018

"I found this clinic and the Simply IVF treatment information on Facebook advertising in June 2017. I started with. . .

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"I Can Never Thank Y'all Enough"

Debbie C. - January 2018

"Love these 3 "beautiful friends" and the WHOLE, ENTIRE Greenville, SC staff. . .

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"Christmas Miracle"

Dare H. - January 2018

"Thank you PREG Asheville for helping me to unwrap this Christmas miracle. He’s. . .

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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Andrew & Megan - December 2017

"One year ago today, we walked into PREG Greenville to do our first of. . .

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"We Can Not Wait for You to Meet Our Little Blessings"

Jarah - November 2017

"So thankful for our Preg miracles! Thank you. . .

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"Another PREG Miracle!"

Rachael E. - November 2017

"Another PREG Miracle! Thank you Kelsey, Debra and the rest of the Asheville staff. . .

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"Thankful for Our Little Turkey"

Sabrina - November 2017

"Thankful for our little turkey! Thank you, PREG. . .

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"Our Hearts are so Beyond Full"

Racheal - November 2017

"Our preg miracles are these bottom two- the top one came as an “all natural” surprise! Our story started out. . .

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"We Love PREG"

Allison - November 2017

"We sure do love our PREG Miracle and we love PREG for helping us. . .

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"We Were Finally PREGnant!"

Crystal - November 2017

"We never thought we face infertility. We were young, healthy, no bad habbits and we were ready to start our family. One month. . .

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"Our Precious Bundle of Joy"

Crystal - November 2017

"It was eleven long years, but we are so grateful for the journey that brought us our precious bundle of joy. Through all the heartache and pain, we kept the faith. . .

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"The Most Wonderful Blessing"

Tamra and Daniel - November 2017

"After a few years of trying for a baby, after the heartbreak of a miscarriage, our beautiful Katelyn Marie was born on May 9th. . .

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"The Baby We Had Been Dreaming Of"

Chris - November 2017

"After multiple miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, failed IVF, and years of infertility we were told my wife would be unable to have a baby of our own. By the grace of God...

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"For Seven Years We Prayed"

Lacie B. - November 2017

"Seven years. For seven years, we prayed for this miracle baby. Our journey with PREG was beautiful and planned perfectly by God. We knew...

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"A Million Thank You's..."

Courtney - October 2017

"I just want to say a million thank you's to the whole staff at PREG! We welcomed our sweet little, Daisy Mae, on September 22, 2017 at 1:56 p.m. .

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"Thank you For Making Our Dreams Come True."

Mabel and Tony - October 2017

"There are no words to express how grateful my husband and I are for everything you have done. . .

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"Six Weeks Old"

October 2017

"I have PCOS and struggled to have a baby. The people at PREG were supportive, understanding, really listened to my concerns, answered all my questions and. . .

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"PREG and Prayer"

Rhyan - October 2017

"Not many knew our journey. I have PCOS so we needed just a tad bit of help to get our baby. Some family members.. . .

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"We Were Over the Moon"

Heather - October 2017

"I went to the greenville office where Dr. Nichols and Dr. Payne helped us conceive our little miracle.. . .

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"We are forever grateful!"

Amber E. - September 2017

"I want to thank y'all for everything y'all did for us. She is such a miracle and. . .

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"My Precious Gift from God!!!"

Holly - September 2017

"Thanks to Dr. Payne and all the staff at PREG! Everyone was great even when. . .

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"We Cannot Thank You Enough"

Megan - September 2017

"We welcomed our PREG miracle on Labor Day (9/4/17)! Her name is Ella Christine and she. . .

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"Our PREG Miracle"

Jeaselie - September 2017

"Our PREG miracle was born on Sunday night. Thanks to . . .

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"Best Decision Ever"

Lindsey M. - September 2017

"I just want to tell everyone at Preg of Greenville, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! We tried for 3 years to have our second child and were . . . .

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"I am so happy I found them"

Corina - August 2017

"The staff is so welcoming and the Dr I saw was amazing. I ended up finding. . . . .

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"We are so in love!"

Sabrina C. - August 2017

"So happy to announce our sweet little miracle! Leelyn was born August 29th, at 6:21pm. . . . .

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"After every storm comes a rainbow- and this is mine!"

Hillary - August 2017

"After every storm comes a rainbow- and this is mine! PCOS, secondary infertility, and loss didn't win this time. Please meet Eli Maximus born July 28, 2017. . .

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"Thanks to the Asheville PREG for all your help"

Morgan - July 2017

"It took 2 years, 10 months and 16 days. We made many trips to the doctor and pharmacy. . .

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"They are here!!!"

Whitney B. - July 2017

"They are here!!! Born perfect and healthy! Thank you Dr. Nichols!! Born at 35 weeks....

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"Simply IVF was our light to hope!"

Ashley - July 2017

"I want to share with everyone at PREG the beautiful miracle y'all have given us! We just found out today what we are having. Its a boy!!!

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"Our two 20 month old PREG miracles and our 7 week old, odd-defying & surprise miracle!"

Emily G. - July 2017

"Though our new baby was made in the traditional fashion I'm sure he's here because of that first phone call to PREG. . . 

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"PREG is the best decision we've ever made!"

Crystal B. - June 2017

"Our sweet rainbow baby is almost 8 months old now. PCOS did not stop her! We tried. . .

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"Every Story is Different, but The Goal is The Same"

May 2017

"Every story is different, but the goal is the same. I married my best friend, a man I had know for nearly 20 years. . .

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"There is Hope"

May 2017

"This story begins way back in September 2012 on the morning of my birthday. I was on my way out the door to work when. . .

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"Taking the First Steps Changed Our Lives"

March 2017

"My wife and I dreamed of starting a family for many years, and always felt as if it were out of reach. We were introduced to. . .

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"We Are So Thankful We Did"

March 2017

"My husband and I were very young when we discovered we could not get pregnant naturally. . .

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"What A Wonderful World"

"Good morning! Normally my wife is the one posting here but this morning I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. . .

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"No Perfect Words to Express Our Gratitude"

"The journey of infertility is never an easy one, and yet you all have created a safe home for us, one that is bittersweet to leave. . .

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"Forever Grateful"

"My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years. We had our first miscarriage a year after we were married. . .

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"Heartfelt Gratitude"

"We just wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for all you have done for us. . .

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"The Most Precious Gift We Could Ever Receive"

"Thank you all so much for giving us hope and for the most precious gift we could ever receive! You all will always be in our lives, our hearts and our prayers. . .

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"A Special Note of Thanks"

"My husband and I would like to thank you and everyone in your office for the wonderful attitudes and professionalism. . .

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"Dreams Do Come True"

"We can't thank you enough for helping us conceive our child. We are so excited to tell you that we are having a girl. . . 

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"You Have Been So Kind"

"Thank you for all of the excellent care you have given me during the last few months. You have been courteous and extremely responsive to my needs. . .

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"You Have Changed Our Lives"

"This is just a small note to let you know how much I appreciate everything you and your staff have done for me. Everyone has been friendly, kind, and supportive. . .

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"The Most Amazing Joy"

"I am writing this letter along with enclosing a copy of the announcement of the birth of our precious daughter. . . 

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"Grateful Heart"

"Thank you seems inadequate at best. I will never be able to truly express how thankful I am that you NEVER gave up trying to make my dream a reality. . .

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"Michael's Story"

"I completely loved being a nurse, and I enjoy my work as a physician, too. Still, none of my professional experience prepared me for our fertility struggle. . .

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"A Loving Family"

"John Nichols is certainly a genius in his field. He has been blessed with a gift...a gift that has also blessed my husband, John, and I with 2 beautiful and healthy children. . .

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"Preg Changed my life"

"I don't even know where to begin. PREG changed my life in the best way possible. I am sitting here staring at a little human being. . .

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