The Most Amazing Joy

Hello Dr. Nichols,

I am writing this letter along with enclosing a copy of the announcement of the birth of our precious daughter. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant in December, I knew then words could not express our joy and gratitude to you and your staff at PREG. Now after spending the last five weeks with our daughter I knew I had to try and put this gratitude into words.

We never gave up hope because of the strong confidence we felt from you and the PREG staff. Tears are pouring tonight as I remember the stress and worry; however, somehow I still felt great relief and excitement each time I entered and left your office. You were always very honest with us about the procedures, possibilities and probabilities of having our wish come true. My favorite part was that you never wavered on the fact that we should keep pushing forward even as times got tough.

After a very long day on August 1st, I experience the most amazing joy at 11:52 pm when the doctor introduced us to our daughter. My life will never be the same—this was a joy like none ever experienced before. I know she is truly a gift from God that he has blessed us immensely.

In wrapping up, I feel certain that God brought our my husband and I to PREG to find a wonderful doctor, amazing nurses, and enthusiasm that would get is through the procedures, medication, and shots that come along with infertility. Thank you for everything and we look forward to seeing you again!

With Love,