The Victory in Defeat

April 2017

Nothing is quite as motivational as hearing about someone who finally said “I’m done” and changed their situation. That’s exactly what Jennifer Robinson did. Weighing in at 334 pounds, she was unenergetic and extremely unhappy.

Her transformation began when she realized she had gained one hundred pounds since her wedding day in 2003. So she decided to take action! Along with co-workers, she decided to do a Mud Run. Although none of them were in good enough shape to compete, they decided to charge through it anyways! Although not the best times by any means, they persevered and finished.

Her next course of action was to call up a guy who ran a workout facility out of his own garage. She paid for ten weeks’ worth of training and showed up at 5am every morning. Talk about dedication!

Jennifer states, “In the beginning it was a victory just to show up. I started out training with Shane twice a week. I’d go to the gym to do light cardio on two other days. There were occasions when I had to quit after 10 minutes…but I used my anger as motivation. Almost two years later, I’m still training with Shane, and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come!”

Throughout her journey, Jennifer learned a lot. One of her tools she wants to pass down is a mental trick she learned: performing as many repetitions as you can in a certain amount of time can actually keep you from quitting when you want to the most. This way, you compete with yourself! But 5A.M.? Seems a bit early. Jennifer says she decided that it was the best time because if she picked a later hour, she could find excuses to skip her workout. Instead, she sets several alarms to help her wake up and get out the door and to the gym by 5.

But can you retrain your body and how you eat? YES! Jennifer says she looked first at liquids and cut out putting sugar in her tea and gave up diet soda. Water for the win! She then took a peek at portion sizes and realized how much was truly enough.

Throughout this adventure, Jennifer says her special thank-you goes to her husband, Andy. “[he] never put me down as the weight crept on. He always said, ‘I love you no matter what.’ Instead of focusing on my size, he was always telling me to put value in who I am.”