There Is Always Hope

Hi. I am one of your patients. My sweet sister, Arianna, wrote the most beautiful poem about our pregnancy journey so far. I want to share it with you all in hopes this can help others..

"Itís Happening

Itís happening

We see the line
Here we go again
Itíll all be fine

Or maybe it wonít
Thereís no way to know
Weíll take it day by day
and pray it will grow

Itís happening
We saw the heart
No sound yet
but itís a start

They say itís right on track
Everything looks great
It should stick this time
but weíll just have to wait

Take these pills
And do all the right things
and your greatest desire
Should be what it brings

Itís happening
We heard that precious sound
175 was the number
Not a problem to be found

Maybe now we can relax

and actually believe
That this gift weíve been waiting for
Weíll finally receive

The weeks are passing
Things are going as they should
Weíve made it to 12
Just like we hoped we would

Oh no, itís happening
They canít find that sound
Our hearts fill with sorrow
Our jaws hit the ground

Can this be real?
We canít even comprehend
how just like that
It all came to an end

We did all we could
to keep it protected
Not a single warning sign
was ever detected

Itís happening
and the pain is so real
But weíre coming together
and we know we will heal

It wonít be today
or next
But the pain will lessen
as peace and understanding we seek

We will always love this baby
that we never got to know
It showed us life is precious
It caused our hearts to grow

And while weíre hurting now
We know that one day
That rainbow will come

And it will all be okay."

My sister wrote it for us because we just experienced our third miscarriage. The next morning in the hospital we woke up to this... There is always hope.