Understanding Infertility

Understanding Infertility and Helping You Get Pregnant

Have you waited to complete your education, meet the perfect mate and establish your career...only to realize that your biological clock has been ticking away? A woman's fertility peaks in her 20's and begins to decline around age 30. After age 35 fertility starts to decline very rapidly due to the woman's egg quality. But PREG can help!

If you are over age 35, you may want to investigate your reproductive health sooner than later. One in seven couples or approximately seven million people will have challenges getting pregnant and will need assistance to conceive. PREG can help.

If you are under the age of 35 and have been trying to become pregnant for over 12 months, you may be struggling with infertility.  This window narrows to six months of unprotected intercourse if the patient is 35 or older. However, infertility affects both men and women equally. PREG is committed to treating all partners, men and women, with the compassion and empathy.  We advise both partners to be evaluated during your diagnostic work-up and participate in your fertility treatments.